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Thanks for your interest in advertising promotions with EastAfricanTube. EastAfricanTube is very unique and fun for everyone so you’ll be pleased to be associated with such an exciting and worthwhile site. Two sites for the price of one. Your ad goes on both EastAfricanTube.com!


Banner Style Ads

We offer great packages on our banner style advertising campaigns, we do not charge either by the click or impressions but give you unlimited ad views within a specified timeframe.

You can choose to advertise with us for as little as a week with no further commitment and you are not tied down to any type of subscription or recurring payment models.

As long as you follow the advertising guidelines at the bottom of this page your text ad will be accepted and live throughout the site almost instantly.

You will receive your own login details to manage your campaigns, update and restart finished campaigns and view stats and reports about your advertisements.

You may also find we are running a promotion and can offer cheaper monthly packages as we are right now, we will give you a full unlimited views banner ad for a whole month! To find out more please visit the link belwo for more details on this limited time offer!


Video Presentation Ads

Simply one of the most powerful advertising mediums available, just think you already have the attention of the visitor as they watch their videos & before the player shows them more great clips to view they are presented with your advertisement on screen and clickable through to your website.

This advertising option is charged by the video views, so you can choose to have your video ad show 1000 times or 5.000 times, it's entirely down to your marketing budgets.

For 1000 Video Views your charged just $29.95
For 2000 Video Views your charged just $49.95
For 5000 Video Views your charged just $99.99

We cannot offer stats on this type of campaign due to the method been embedded flash but we can guarantee your ad will continue to play until you have used up all your credits.

For details on how to advertise on our video players simply send an e mail to the team and we will get right back to you with instructions on how you can get started.

Please visit our support center and send a ticket selecting advertising as your enquiry! and remember to tell us what type of advertising you would like more information about.


NEW Peel Back Ads

This type of advertising is very new and extremely exciting...No more pop ups, pop under's and intrusive ads shown to visitors who just don't want to see them.

Take a look at the top corner of this page, you will see what is called a page peel, this is very eye catching and early indications show that users are clicking this new type of ad 70% more of the time compared to any other type of ad campaign.

Very few sites are yet to offer this service and even less people have even seen a peel away advert when browsing which means 9/10 site visitors will scroll over the flashing peel just to see what it does.

Peel ads will reveal your advertisement which can be clicked directly through to your website.

We can even create an ad for you if you don't have access to the tools required to make a corner peel advertisement.

Peel away ads are charged by the month and not by views or clicks, you will receive a full 30 days rotation behind our peel away for just $39.95

Please visit our support center and send a ticket selecting advertising as your enquiry! and remember to tell us what type of advertising you would like more information about. (peel always)


Why Advertise Here?

We all know the success stories of video sharing communities and social networks, EastAfricanTube/CycleBids is growing in popularity and is the perfect place for you to showcase new or existing biker sites. If you need more traffic then you came to the right place. When you advertise with us your ads are displayed on to very high traffic web sites. Your ads will be displayed on both EastAfricanTube.com and CycleBids.com!

Any type of site can advertise with us as long as our guidelines are followed at the foot of this page.

The best sites and the ones that will gain the most leverage will be motorcycle, biker and dating sites as these types of sites really appeal to our visitors.

Our advertising campaigns are an extremely good value for money and as our traffic grows so too will the number of people taking an interest in your sites and offers. Reach your target market with an ad on EastAfricanTube/CycleBids today!

We hope that you take this opportunity to work alongside EastAfricanTube/CycleBids and become one of our sponsored partners TODAY! Click on a link on this page to request more information on the type of ad you would like to run. banner ads will start immediately and all other ad can usually be up and running within 24 hours of approval. So what are you waiting for sign up today and start sending traffic to your motorcycle related web site today!